Hey there, I'm Natalie.

Interior Designer, Renovator, Educator, Cheerleader, Creative Entrepreneur, Mama, Woo Loving Francophile + BFF (The one who brings the good snacks).

I help home designer's + renovators design beautiful homes with No Judgement.


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Here's how I can help you.

I’ve packaged up my 12 years of knowledge and experience in the interiors industry, brought along some of my designer and expert buddies to help you design your home, or your clients homes, easier, more inexpensively and so much faster. 

Head to the blog for interiors inspiration, the community for advice, the courses for knowledge, savings, support (the HomeEnvy way), or if you’re on the hunt for items for your home, make sure you visit our showroom too.

Let's help you design A beautiful home now.

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Design My Dream Home AND Save Up To 90% Off At John Lewis, Made.Com + Many More

The closest thing to having your own design team to help you in your home, without all the expense.

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Tackle My Home Like A Professional, Get Full Designer Support + Trade Discounts

I’m ready to get ALL the skills to design my dream home step-by-step, save thousands on my home designs and get supported by designers.

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Start My Interior Design Career + Design For Clients

I’m ready to start my interior design career, get all the skills to set up in business, a design support team + trade discounts.

Meet a few of my design buddies, AKA your support team!

Didn’t think it was just me did you? We all see things differently, we all have different experiences and beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. 

I’ve gathered some of my buddies so that you can tap into decades of professional knowledge, skillset and design superpowers to get your home, or clients homes, designed with so much more ease!


Best bits on the blog

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