Hey, I'm Natalie.

We don't want our homes designs to be beige, bland or boring, we want them to be breathtakingly beautiful!

With some professional skills, industry insight and expert support, you can create "magazine-worthy-drool-inducing spaces" in your home, or your clients homes. 

I've been helping gorgeous women design breathtakingly beautiful spaces since around 2010, I can't wait to help you too! 

I'm on a mission to create a space that leaves design snobbery, judgement and elitism at the door. #TheStruggleIsReal and help wonderful women create spaces that make their home and heart happy.

(Room for a few more B's? Meet my dog Boatswain, one of my best buds). 



It hasn't always been this way.

I haven’t always been in the design industry, I haven’t always designed homes, and actually right back at the beginning, I didn’t have a clue! 

The first apartment I designed with my boyfriend (husband) way back in 2006, well it ended up nothing at all like I hoped it would. 

I had confused colour combos, a mish-mash of design styles, rooms were half finished because I'd run out of money. #PinterestPalace #eBayBudget

I struggled to bring it together effectively. Winging it proved to be such a waste of time, energy and money.

Books on Shelf
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Escaping accounting agony.

Just 12 years ago you could have found me balancing the books in my stuffy office, working 10 hours days doing ALL the uncreative. Sensible thing, check. Get a ‘proper job’, check. Whilst I could whip up a profit and loss #pronto, my ‘dream career’ was long days of uncreative boredom.

After the birth of my son, I made a decision that changed my life forever.

I'll never forget the day..... nervous, trembling and a little breathless, I got out of my car, walked into a local interior design studio unannounced and asked for an unpaid job. In exchange for my time, I would shadow their every move.

An hour later I walked out with a job.

A number of years later, immense amount of on the job training, a mentorship, a professional qualification, the chance to work with hundreds of clients and schemes, I was working there full time, on full pay, running all my own jobs.


The struggle is real

But before we crack open the fizz, lets' back it up a bit! 

Whilst I was creatively fulfilled, I found myself tackling another monster.....  judgement, snobbery and elitism from so many in the industry. 

From the reps, to the suppliers, to the designers, to the tutors, to the showrooms, to the classrooms, to the trade show and exhibitions.  It was everywhere. 

After working with hundreds of clients, one thing is true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we ALL see things differently. 

Who gets to judge what beauty means to you? Not me, not anyone. 

With a bit of knowledge, some skills and support we are all creative geniuses. Repeat after me: I have the creativity to design a beautiful home! 

I'm on a mission to make my corner of the interiors world judgement and intimidation free. A safe space, to share, learn, develop and grow. #NoJudgement #NoSnobbery #NoIntimidation


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What I'm currently doing

I’m probably sipping coffee (or a glass of pinot) dreaming up ways I can help other women tap into their creativity and find their design superpowers.

I'll be helping women create homes for their family in HomeEnvy Bootcamp. Or their clients families in HomeEnvy Pro. Homes that suit them. Homes that they are head over heels in love with.

You wanna know what lights me up? Giving women confidence in their design choices and helping them find their design superpowers!

I adore helping gorgeous women get totally clear creating elevated designs and beautiful homes. I absolutely love saving them stress (and money) getting it all figured out with ease. 

Today you will find me helping other women design their dream homes, with no judgement, no design snobbery, just down-to-earth design that fills their home (and hearts) with happiness. 

What some of the people I've helped Think

I've had the absolute pleasure of working with hundreds of women over the last few years, here's what a few of them think about HomeEnvy.


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Amazing reviews from our lovely members ...

I've learned so much in such a short space of time - would recommend HomeEnvy to anyone!
Sophia Yakub
HomeEnvy Bootcamp
HomeEnvy is absolutely perfect for me. I also really like that you can learn at your own pace - I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and created in just a week! The scaled plans, lighting principles, style breakdowns, colour theory, moodboard tricks (I’ve always wondered how these were done), accessories, finishes, styling, flooring and practical schedules.... WOW. Finally, the BEST bit is that alongside all the practical guides is to have the HomeEnvy team on hand to coach, nudge and guide.
Sarah Wood
HomeEnvy Bootcamp
I absolutely love HomeEnvy! It has been invaluable to me whilst designing the interior of our new build. I've received tremendous support from the interior design team, who are experts in their field, and are always on hand to give advice. The members are a close community of like minded people who share ideas and support each other too. It's brilliant!
Louise Mainwaring
HomeEnvy Bootcamp
Having an entire home to design and layout felt very daunting but the HomeEnvy Team and members are so helpful and knowledgeable it’s made it much more enjoyable. The content you receive shows you how to go about each aspect of any room and helps you bring your style to life. I look forward to making my house a home.
Rachel Spencer
HomeEnvy Bootcamp

My Wonderful Family

Well it wouldn't be right to not mention this part of the team too, meet my amazing husband Guy (#NoJoke, and he was born in Sherwood), my adorable son Oscar (left) and hilarious Hughie..... AKA my absolute world.

I know how important it is to create a home that you love, for a family that you treasure. A place for all those magical moments and memories that you'll create. 

I know this because that's exactly what I've been doing for the last 10 years, my renovation project is behind us (literally not metaphorically, does a #Reno ever end?)

I'm so honoured to be a part of your journey creating a beautiful home or sharing design magic creating dream homes for other families.


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