Eye Candy

EyeCandy - Victorian Splendour

Last week we looked up a little Georgian, this week we're heading to Victorian splendour with beautiful on trend colour combinations proving that deep rich inky blues can be the total star of the show, delicious period details an[...]

Eye Candy - Eclectic Wildside

Welcome to this weeks #EyeCandy edition with a massive dose of the bright, bold and beautiful in this delightfully daring home. In true #EyeCandy style, lets get to it. With every desire to visually stimulate and no desire to[...]

Eye Candy - Fabulous Farmhouse

Welcome to another edition of #EyeCandy, inspiring interiors from around the world. If you're looking for some elegant Modern Farmhouse decor ideas, this one is for you. If you find simple, elegant and soothing food for your soul[...]

Eye Candy #1 - Grey + Navy Contemporary

"I'm going to surround myself with beautiful things and that will be my life". I've always been totally fascinated by this quote, it's turning out to be my life's motto (Starting with some grey blue contemporary #inspooverload!)[...]