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Learn With Natalie (+ The Team)

Welcome to design school (sans the horrible fluorescent lighting), hang out with me, the team, and your new design buddies to learn how to create and design dream homes. Step-by-step!

From Newbie to Know-it-all



Moodboard Mastery Masterclass

Moodboard Masterclass

Want to create a beautiful home? Then it all starts with a beautiful moodboard. In our Moodboard Masterclass we’ll show you how to create beautiful mood boards so that you can understand and refine your vision, knowing what will work in your home before any decisions are made.

Click below to get our digital Moodboard Masterclass, with bonus templates and the supplier and trade directory to get you off to a flying start! 

(we’ll also give you feedback on your design in our free group)


Design Style

Design Style Fix

The Design Style Fix™ is a power-packed Masterclass bundle that will remove Pinterest Paralysis, give you clarity and decode your interior design style in a weekend.


Home Bootcamp

HomeEnvy Bootcamp


Our signature product for anyone that’s struggling to create an amazing home.. You’re about to save yourself so much time + money! Knowing your style, knowing where to shop, knowing what to buy! Bye-bye returns, bye-bye frustration, bye-bye interiors overwhelm.

The HomeEnvy Bootcamp will equip you with all the knowledge, skills, tools, contacts, connections, savings to design a dream home. 

Hello your GORGEOUS HOME! Are you ready?! Click below.



HomeEnvy Pro

We’ve been helping people in Casa Creatives Club start careers in interior decorating since 2017, but we’re upgrading and rebranding with a fresh new format….. Say hello to HomeEnvy Pro.


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Bespoke Room Design

Like the design team to create designs for your home? Then we have just the thing! Click below to find out more.

Amazing reviews from our lovely members ...

The moodboard masterclass has really helped me to gather my (endless) thoughts and understand what's going to work in my home, it's helped me make decisions. Amazing help, advice and support on all things interiors. Natalie and her team are just fantastic!
Moodboard Master + HomeEnvy Bootcamp
HomeEnvy is absolutely perfect for me. I also really like that you can learn at your own pace - I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and created in just a week! The scaled plans, lighting principles, style breakdowns, colour theory, moodboard tricks (I’ve always wondered how these were done), accessories, finishes, styling, flooring and practical schedules.... WOW. Finally, the BEST bit is that alongside all the practical guides is to have the HomeEnvy team on hand to coach, nudge and guide.
Sarah Wood
HomeEnvy Bootcamp
I absolutely love HomeEnvy! It has been invaluable to me whilst designing the interior of our new build. I've received tremendous support from the interior design team, who are experts in their field, and are always on hand to give advice. The members are a close community of like minded people who share ideas and support each other too. It's brilliant!
Louise Mainwaring
HomeEnvy Bootcamp
Having an entire home to design and layout felt very daunting but the HomeEnvy Team and members are so helpful and knowledgeable it’s made it much more enjoyable. The content you receive shows you how to go about each aspect of any room and helps you bring your style to life. I look forward to making my house a home.
Rachel Spencer
HomeEnvy Bootcamp
If you are looking for inspiration, expert guidance and mutual support to redo a room or create a house full of things you love then look no further. It's brilliant!
julie parker
Julie parker
HomeEnvy Bootcamp
I've learned so much in such a short space of time - would recommend HomeEnvy to anyone!
Sophia Yakub
HomeEnvy Bootcamp