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interior design scheme bundle

Want to wave a wand & design your home?

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99 DONE-FOR-YOU interior


Wave goodbye to months of second-guessing your design choices and get your swoon-worthy room created in the next 15 mins

No skill, creativity, time or effort needed to create a stunning home. 


interior design scheme bundle

Goodbye Overthinking

No more wondering where to begin, ever. Or second guessing all your interior design ideas and choices, thinking, overthinking, on. repeat.

Complete Colour Confidence

Adios confused + clashing colour combos! Coordinated colour palettes that remove hours staring at the colour chart and a ton of guesswork? Yes, please!

Byebye Design Paralysis

No more struggling to visualise what you want to create. No more worrying about how to pull it all together, hello cohesive home!
What if you were an afternoon away from creating home design *miracles*, and agreeing with your partner? No, really!!
She agreed with her hubs, shopped the scheme, had the whole lot en route in less than a couple of hours saving her so much stress!

Look, I know you don’t want to play it safe… Bland isn’t in the brief…

… But there’s a problem: You haven’t spent years at design school… and designing homes that make your heart skip a beat isn’t as easy as it looks. 🤯 

Creating a breathtaking home just got as easy as putting on your favourite song, firing up your browser and picking out your dream room design. 💃

It’s like HelloFresh for designing homes. We give you the exciting recipes, the gorgeous ingredients, the perfect amounts and ratios…. You ‘click + shop’ the list, just add friends and a few glasses of wine. #HomeDesignHeaven

Say Goodbye To...

Instead, you'll know...


Wave goodbye to months of second-guessing your design choices and get your swoon-worthy room created in the next 15 mins.

Don’t struggle alone. Grab the Home Design Magic bundle, get 99 done for you interior design schemes, stop second-guessing all your design choices, & know that it will all work together perfectly.

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The Inspiration Boards

Know exactly how it will look in your home + Create A Home That makes Your Heart Skip A beat

The 99 interior design scheme inspiration boards will give you a good idea for the mood + feel. We’ll show you how to work with colour, pattern, texture and how to combine all elements to create a cohesive home. Endless interior design ideas!

99 interior design schemes
99 interior design schemes

The Shopping Lists

get all the reputable places we shop. bye-bye Google + underwhelming buys!

All 99 interior design schemes will come with an itemised furniture, fixtures + equipment schedule.

The schedule will detail all the elements we’ve used within the scheme with shops, dimensions and all the links you’ll ever need.

I’ll show you a nifty website for finding out of stock items in a click and I’ll share with you exactly how you can adjust each scheme to suit your budget.


The Colour Palettes

Never worry about mixing patterns + crafting colour Combos again.

99 coordinated colour schemes that work perfectly with your furniture schedule.

Grab your schedule and simply shop your furniture, finishes, fabrics and paints, knowing what to use where!

99 interior design schemes

The Sourcing Secret

The Secret Weapon To find All Items Within your Budget + Location

No more wishing for a design money tree, I’ll show you how to source the items no matter your budget!

And I’ll share with you how you can find all items regardless of where you live in the world #SuperSourcing

Hey friend, I'm Natalie Gisborne

Your go-to-girl for all things interior design and renovating, and your design cheerleader. I’m all about helping you create a stunning home with zero design snobbery #thestruggleisreal

Before I trained as an interior designer, in 2006 I attempted to design my first apartment, and found out exactly how overwhelming, frustrating and expensive it can be winging it without the right knowledge and support (I wasted £20,000 and ended up hating it!)

Fast forward 16 years, a mentorship, a qualification, over a decade of working with hundreds of homeowners, renters, renovators, builders, self builders + developers …. Let me tell you, I’ve made all the mistakes and learned how to avoid them

We’ve helped thousands of women create beautiful homes and I’d be thrilled to show you how to do the same.

how to design a room

Meet Your Design Team



Julie Sutton

With over 30 years’ experience in residential interiors, Julie has spent the last 17 years running a successful design studio and creating exceptional spaces for ecstatic clients. Julie is a colour queen.


Anna Lippett

Anna approaches interior design from a wellbeing perspective, blending modern interior design principles with colour psychology, intentional design, mindfulness and Feng Shui to create harmony and balance, alongside a high design aesthetic.



Gintare Sidaraviciute

Gintare was the recipient of the NAS Young Designer of the Year Award. Gintare is a 3D visualisation master. A lover of all things Scandinavian and creating visions of true beauty for the ecstatic clients.



Krystina Feltham

A talented Interior Designer who heads up her own design, styling and restoration business, HomeHouseHome. She tackles every project with style and endless creativity.

Okay, Let's Recap

Nail your dream home designs, remove design paralysis and create swoon-worthy designs in every corner of your home.

Update your little black book with all the shops and suppliers, and understand all the best places to head to and shop your style.

Don’t struggle alone. Grab Home Design Magic bundle, stop second-guessing all your design choices, & know that it will all work together perfectly, the first time.

All Of This For £19503

Only £37 Today

You've got questions? Let's get you answers!

You’ll get instant access to all 99 interior design schemes that you purchase. The interior design schemes include mood boards, an itemised furniture and finishes schedule (with clickable links and dimensions) and coordinated colour palettes with fabrics, finishes and paints,

You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase.

We’ve stored all the files on our platform so you can download the ones that make your heart skip a beat. You don’t need space for all 99. Unless you’d like them all, totally fine too!

No, all files are stored on our platform, all you need is to be able to view PDF’s. 

Of course, we all face creative blocks from time to time, so we’d love to give you some interior design ideas and inspire some creations in you. Plus we all need new inspo and suppliers.

Of course they contain actual items and stock levels will adjust. We update files regularly so you’ll always have current schemes. We also show you a nifty website for finding out of stock items in a click (This trick alone is worth the price of Home Design Magic, such a nifty tool)

We charge upwards of £197 per scheme for our private clients, so times that by 99 you’re getting over £19503 worth of design value and time.
Absolutely, design is design wherever you are in the world. Many of the suppliers we use are available across the globe. You’ll know exactly what to look for if it’s not available in your area. Use the schemes as inspiration, take it to a shop and get sourcing. And I’ll give you some tools for sourcing wherever you live.