How To Create A Vignette | Styling Secrets

I'm sure you have seen many beautifully styled surfaces and scenes, it can be easy to think this is natural design flair, or accidentally beautifully arranged. These scenes are no accident. They are thoughtfully and intentionally arranged groupings to create a cohesive look and feel, adding in detail to the design. They're called vignettes (or 'still life' if you're in t[...]

EyeCandy – Victorian Splendour

Last week we looked up a little Georgian, this week we're heading to Victorian splendour with beautiful on trend colour combinations proving that deep rich inky blues can be the total star of the show, delicious period details and some hump-day super-swoon. In true #EyeCandy style, let's get to it. With every desire to visually stimulate and no desire to mentally tax,[...]

EyeCandy – Hepburn House Classic Elegance

Welcome to this weeks #EyeCandy edition with a serenely simple amazingly fabulous Georgian home with SO much architectural interest. Understated elegance with so much flow, hard not to feel calm looking at the simple styling and elegance throughout the home. Totally gorgeous! In true #EyeCandy style, lets get to it. With every desire to visually stimulate and no desir[...]

Interior Design Intimidation: Who Makes The Design Rules?

A few weeks ago, I created a sentence for a post that followed all the normal laws of marketing, stop the scroll and grab your interest, hook you in…. A nice juicy scroll stopping headline is what is often suggested.  It’s a sentence that’s caused three weeks of internal discussion, debate and questioning, and three words that are going to forever change[...]

Eye Candy – Contemporary Colour Pop

Welcome to this weeks #EyeCandy edition Have you got a love of bright, bold and beautiful colour choices? Don't want to go all in? A completely saturated colour palette would be hard to live with, but accenting with a saturated colour pop might be a good compromise and your new BFF It's is a trend that suits any room. Colour popping adding a splash of colo[...]

Are Designer Paints Really Worth it?

Before I jump into the "is designer paint worth it" debate, let’s just start this by saying that paint is a highly complex subject.  Not that I expect you are, but if you were in the market for space shuttle exhaust paint that can withstand ultra high heat, you’d likely head to Jotun (who also happen to produce elastic paint that will physically stretch in[...]

Eye Candy – Eclectic Wildside

Welcome to this weeks #EyeCandy edition with a massive dose of the bright, bold and beautiful in this delightfully daring home. In true #EyeCandy style, lets get to it. With every desire to visually stimulate and no desire to mentally tax, I’ll let the images do the talking..... And what a story they tell! Image: Image:[...]

Finding Design Inspiration

Often the first thought when designing a space is the colour you might like to use. Or perhaps you’ve jumped into the Pinterest scroll hole and are looking for rooms to inspire. Whilst these are of course sources of finding design inspiration, there is a whole untapped world of design inspiration at your fingertips. Designers gain inspiration from many sources. T[...]

How To Become a Self Taught Interior Designer

Let me start by saying, when we use the term interior designer, we often mean interior decorator. An interior designer in the traditional sense plans not only the design and spatial elements of a room, but also makes structural decisions.  If, however, styling and decorating a room is the aim of the game, the term “interior decorator” can be used. Today I wante[...]