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Want to learn how to successfully plan + organise a stress-free budget savvy home renovation?

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Avoid A Renovation MoneyPit

Avoid hidden and unexpected costs and get the tools to stay within your budget and stop costs spiralling

Get Exactly What You Want

Don’t compromise on your home design goal. be totally satisfied with your team, their co-ordination + the results.

Know What's Happening When

Avoid unexpected delays that can cause rising costs by knowing what should happen when and by who

You know you should stop your heart making ALL the decisions

There’s a problem:  How can you let your head make any decisions when you don’t know where to start, who to ask and how much any of it is going to cost #hellomoneypit

I know you’re excited to get started, you’ve waited such a long time. I know how you’re feeling: a lot of uncertainty around what you want to create, what you can afford to create, and how are you expected to know that when you don’t know any costs?? #RenovationRoulette

And that’s before you’ve even thought about what happens when, running a smooth project and avoiding unexpected delays.

With the Renovation Roadmap you’ll get financially organised and have confidence in your design decisions. You can stop sticking a finger in the air winging it and discover an easier way to get your renovation organised, on budget and on track so that you can stop worrying about Nick Knowles & the DIY SOS team turning up on your doorstep.

You’ll be able to make a renovation plan that helps you understand all the stages and tasks you’ll face, you’ll be able to create your renovation to do list, then find out how much it’s all going to cost so that you know what you can do, when you can do it and how long it’s all going to take.

Say Goodbye To...

Instead, you'll know...

Renovation Budget Template UK
Renovation Budget Template UK

The Renovation Roadmap is a three part intuitive set of tools and trainings, that breaks down every phase, step and task involved in your renovation, whilst keeping you organised, on budget & on track.


The Renovation Roadmap

An intuitive Google Sheet that breaks down every phase, step and task involved in your renovation.

An easy to follow order of events so that you know exactly what to expect when.


Renovation Roadmap - Renovation Budget Template UK
Renovation Roadmap - Renovation Budget Template UK

The Renovation Operation

A handy database that will keep all the phases, steps and tasks on budget and organised with the click of a button.


The Renovation Planner

A game-changing renovation project planner that makes sure everything runs like clockwork, no matter how busy life gets.

Renovation Roadmap - Renovation Budget Template UK

Put this all together and you get a resource that’s going to guide you from initial bright idea all the way through to your first evening clinking glasses in your gorgeous dream home.

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